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11 smart strategies to help you save time in your business


Hi everyone, I’m Amy and I am the CEO of The Femtrepreneur. 14 years ago I started my very first company – even from my teenage years I wanted to have my own business and follow in my parents foot steps. I sold Swarovski crystal jewellery that I had made, only something little, but what it taught me was the very importance of selling and promoting your products (to make my pocket money!) I’ve come a long way since my first business venture, and I’ve learned so much in the process. I currently own and operate two different successful businesses both online. I have also got 8 years working in big corporates working in and leading their digital marketing teams improving brand names, increasing sales and creating leaner and quicker processes for all of them. The no.1 thing I have learned in building these businesses and working in big corporates is: There is a LOT to learn. From setting up your website, to acquiring your first customer, to developing consistent branding, to running ads … the list goes on and on. Every time I thought, ‘NOW I have it all set up,’ I discovered there was still more to do, more to learn. I am still learning and growing my businesses in new ways every day, but I’ve come along way. 14 years down the road I’ve definitely picked up a few skills and I’m so excited to share it all, just to save you a whole lot of time! It’s my hope that by sharing my digital marketing skills with you, you’ll have more time to do the other things in your business you love but also more time to actually enjoy your life and to stop feeling frustrated with your lack of results in your business. More customers = more profit = more fun It’s our mission to help you grow your business as effectively as possible, so every day we work to create more content on this site to provide you with as many actionable DIY guides and courses as possible.



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